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Quaker Oats Pepsico

Loose Moose approached Artem to help them revive Camberwick Green's most famous inhabitant, Windy Miller, to promote Quaker Oat products for two new spots conceptualised by Abbot Mead Vickers.

All the original TV series puppets, sets and props from the classical adverts were destroyed by Gordon Murray in a bonfire in his back garden after the last transmission, leaving no original items to use as reference. Artem had to conduct extensive research - including sourcing ornamental figurines and buying original books from eBay in order to recreate the sets and characters to Gordon Murray's satisfaction.

Artem's modelmaking team re-built Windy's mill, complete with backdrop, a beautiful car and other sets and props used in the original series, adding miniature Quaker branding to the tiny bags of oats and the sign hanging from the windmill. As well as building the sets, Artem's special effects technicians created a stop-frame Windy and two new female characters, Molly the barmaid and a jogger, designed in the same vain by Loose Moose, complete with button noses and mouthless faces.

Bob Thorne, SFX Supervisor/Designer at Artem, said: 'A desire to stay true to the original look and feel of the television series meant that pretty much everything you see was achieved in camera, which made it a fantastic job for us.'

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