Artem Case Studies

The Millennium Dome Park Avenue

Park Avenue approached Artem to build a series of creative installations for the Home Planet Zone. Involvement from the early stages enabled us to contribute to the concept and design of the attraction.The aim was to represent a journey through the earth's different environments - from outer space to the centre of the earth. This was translated into 5 stages - Space, Air, Ice, Lava and The Earth's Core - viewed from the seats of a spaceship-style ride revolving within a dome.

Space - A view of earth from the windows of a space station.

We fabricated a wall and windows to represent the space station and a blacked out area with an ultra-realistic model of the earth lit by fibre optic stars in the background.

Air - A giant whirling tornado.

This involved designing a unique mechanism which would spin and oscillate a 5m tall tornado shape fabricated from Dacron wadding. We also installed wind machines to enhance the effect and lighting to provide lightning flashes.

Ice - A wall of ice with a crevice leading into its centre.

We fabricated the ice from multiple layers of vacuum formed polycarbonate which we then dressed with frost and snow. A section was rigged to fall on cue and then re-set. The effect was augmented with ducted cold air from a refrigeration plant installed in the roof space.

Lava - A cliff with a river of molten lava flowing through it.

We built a sloping wall of rock from gypsum polymer and installed a clear polycarbonate channel down the middle with a flat pool at the front which was lit from underneath. We carried out extensive research and did multiple tests in order to create a realistic lava mix and a reliable method to pump it. We achieved a great result by creating a textured liquid material in translucent red; this was non-flammable, non-toxic and non-volatile and pumped using a progressive cavity stator pump - a large industrial beast that looked a bit like a piece of a oil rig!

The Earth's Core - The most ambiguous of all the tasks

It was decided to create a giant (5m x 3m), multi-layered screen of lenses with a light show projecting into the back. The lenses were made from clear silicon rubber and applied to large sheets of laminated glass. The result was a psychedelic colour, light-shifting effect.

We were also commissioned to build some sculptures for the Money Zone.

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