Artem Case Studies

BMW Traffic Park Avenue

Clients Park Avenue commissioned us to design and build two animated display exhibits for the BMW stand at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

The purpose of the displays was to illustrate the theory behind a traffic management system which BMW and their partners were working on.

In short, the idea that when everyone leaves for work at the same time there will inevitably be bottle necks at some points along the way. However, if the departure times are staggered, even by short time periods, the bottle necks can be alleviated and traffic will flow smoothly.

To illustrate this, Simon Tayler at Artem designed two stylised topographical contoured landscapes incorporating five ball runs crossing the landscape and meeting at the front of the display. The landscapes had five start points, each represented by a small "house".

Built into the displays were mechanisms which re-circulated large ball bearings and delivered them to each "house", the ball would then roll down the to the front of the display and the junction.

On the first display all the balls left their "houses" at the same time and, therefore, arrived at the junction at the same time causing a jam. The second model demonstrated staggered departures, at one second intervals, resulting in separate arrival at the junction enabling them to move through unimpeded.

The job presented us with an interesting blend of design and technical challenges which we enjoyed finding solutions for.

  • Exhibitions
  • Electronic Design
  • Mechanical Rigs
  • Models & Miniatures
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