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Control Arms Z10 Helicopter Oxfam

The helicopter looked fantastic and because of it we were able to gain significant global media coverage and build the pressure for an International Arms Trade Treaty. A big thank you to everyone involved in building it.

Anna MacDonald, Control Arms Campaign Manager, Oxfam

A report on Arms Without Borders by Control Arms Campaign: Oxfam International, Amnesty International and International Action Network on Small Arms (IANSA) highlights how the globalisation of the arms industry has opened up major loopholes in all current arms export regulations, allowing sales to human rights abusers and countries under arms embargoes.

To help illustrate this and gain press attention, the campaign approached Artem to build a scale model of a Z10 Helicopter whose different component parts are branded with the country they were made in. Branded weapon part packing cases and missiles were also produced.

It was a very ambitious build for our special effects team as we had just 6 days from confirmation to delivery! However, we worked round the clock and through the weekend to ensure that the 20ft aircraft was ready for the press launch on Monday morning. It was a really nice model making job for a worthy cause that required creative use of materials in order to get the desired result in the time. We were really pleased with the result.

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