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8M Animatronic Jason Taylor NFL

To mark the historic game between the Miami Dolphins and New York Giants at Wembley Stadium, the NFL commissioned an 8m tall animatronic replica of Dolphins star Jason Taylor. Within 10 weeks, Artem's special effects technicians and engineers had to carefully plan the most effective way to achieve this build.

The lifelike giant was sculpted as a 0.8m clay maquette, based on photographic reference, and scanned along with a real NFL helmet, boots and gloves. The data was then manipulated to enable an 8m version, made up of separate component parts, to be cut in polystyrene by a 5-axis CNC router.

Once delivered, these components formed the basis of the world's largest ever animatronic human exterior.

Towering at 8m tall, he weighs in at more than a tonne, has movable feet and arms, 6ft long boots with custom made 6.5m laces, and a hand span bigger than a doorway. His bespoke football kit was made from nearly 150 square metres of official NFL fabric.

Having met approval from NFL fan Christian Slater and mayor, Ken Livingstone, Big JT did a tour of London before making his way to Wembley Stadium in time for the big game.

To see Big JT in action click here.

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