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Keane Rollercoaster MJZ

Artem's skill and commitment were extraordinary considering the timeframe. They gave me precisely what I needed to bring this idea to fruition at a very high level of design and practicability. In other words, it looked amazing and worked all day without a hitch which kind of sums up the reason why, whenever I need to do the impossible, I always think of Artem.

Kevin Godley, Director, MJZ UK

Lucy Nolan at MJZ approached Artem's creative designers to help create and build an ambitious camera rig dreamed up by Director, Kevin Godley, for Keanes new single 'Is it any wonder?'

This project reunited Kevin with Artem Designer/Supervisor, Simon Tayler, who designed and built a 360 degree camera rig for his U2 'Even Better Than The Real Thing' video back in 1995. The finished effect won Artem an MTV award for Best Special Effects in a Music Video.

For this promo, Kevin envisaged the camera mounted on a rollercoaster track that weaved its way around and through the band. After much thought, many calculations and lots of drawings our special effects technicians came up with a creative solution and built a model to show Kevin - complete with Action Men band members.

The actual build required a sizable team of engineers to work long hours as there were only two and a half weeks until filming. The track (which grew from a proposed 60 metres to over 100 metres in length) was constructed and tested in Artems workshop before being transported and rebuilt on D Stage at Shepperton.

Artem SFX Supervisor, Simon Tayler said: This was a fantastic opportunity for us to work to a number of our strengths in one go. We knew we had to hit the ground running as there was so little time. We had to interpret Kevins ideas very quickly and then devise a method of building the rig so that it would look good and work. We ran two teams, one to build the track and a second to build the camera buggy. I think the result presents a unique view and will make a highly memorable promo.

See the video here

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