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Election Lie Detector Unit Merlin Attractions

Throughout the General Election period, wannabe politicians were given the chance to put their spin doctoring talents to the test at Madame Tussauds interactive attraction featuring leading lights from the world of politics.

Tussauds gave Artem an original 50s lie detector, as seen in Meet the parents, to modify for their interactive election attraction.

Throughout the election period, visitors were invited by Tussauds agents to be hooked up to a polygraph machine. The lie-detector has four pen-traces measuring various body reactions including heart beat, perspiration, breathing rate and expression.

When the visitor lies, any variations are recorded and revealed as larger movements on the pen trace.

We modified the old polygraph with a combination of electro-mechanical devices and a specially written program to give the illusion that the visitor was being monitored.

After asking a particularly tough question, the agent could activate the pens to move rapidly by using a discrete remote device in his pocket - much to the alarm of the visitor, but amusement of those around.

Doug Hedges, Supervisor at Artem, commented:

We had great fun finding our way around the polygraph in the office. It was surprising the number of willing victims, not to mention the questions asked!

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