Artem Case Studies

British Eggs Loose Moose

Artem were approached by stop-frame animation specialists, Loose Moose, to help them realise a script for the British Egg Council by M&T London.

The new campaign, to promote egg eating amongst the British public, plays on our British stereotypes utilising the slogan How very British!

Artem made twelve, exactly twice upscale, egg puppets from Ureal by taking precise measurements from real eggs and programming the CNC Lathe. These were then painted a speckled brown.

To give Animator, Ken Lidster, maximum flexibility of movement metal bands were embedded just under the surface of the eggs. Held in place by very strong rare earth magnets (covered in leather to avoid damage) these enabled the eggs to be turned 360 without a visible fixing point.

The Lion seal of British quality was etched in brass so that it could be used as a stencil to brand the lucky eggs.

Artem also produced 4 egg cups for the Joneses spot each one more ornate than the next culminating in a diamond encrusted version being sported by a very smug egg.

The more sinister spot Murder Mysteries required Artem to make a smashed victim egg and its spilt contents.

The sets were very simple a coved, white, cyclorama with an eggshell texture.

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