Artem Case Studies

Dove Deodorant Lever Faberge

Blink Productions' Director, Stuart Parr, wanted to create a highly abstract spot for Dove. He imagined a sequence of shot revealing cool, silky smooth Dove liquid flowing through the air and over polished acrylic shapes until it landed on an area of angry red liquid causing it to settle.

Artems special effects team developed various pouring and dripping effects involving artificial liquids and pouring rigs to be shot at very high speed. A model and rig to make a liquid resonate at high speed causing the liquid to form a standing wave vibration were also built.

We used our knowledge of high speed filming and timing to come up with rigs that would deliver multiple liquid pours with split second timing. We were well aware that when shooting at 360 fps, if something is 1/10 of a second out it will be nearly 1.5 seconds when viewed at normal time.

  • Commercials
  • Liquids
  • Mechanical Rigs
  • Models & Miniatures
  • Props
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