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Apple Jacks Kellogs

Once again our long term relationship with Artem Studios has paid off. The Apple Jacks Cina Island was wonderfully built to the Loose Moose style by Artem Studio's great team of designers and craftsmen. When you have to make a whole new world you need more than just a little help, you need experienced talented professionals.

Ken Lidster, Director, Loose Moose

Artem completed work on a stop frame animation campaign for Kelloggs Apple Jacks breakfast cereal in the USA. Apple Jacks is cinnamon flavoured and hence Bad Apple and Cinna-mon characters were created to star in the commercials.

Artem's creative designers were approached by animation company Loose Moose to create 3D puppets of the characters they designed along with all the sets and props required to bring their world Cinna Island - to life.

Our sculptors and model makers really enjoyed working on such a great project. In addition to sculpting and producing the stop frame puppets and armatures, we got to make some fun sets and wacky props. We particularly enjoyed making the subway train and the cartoon style lampposts and fire hydrant.

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  • Animation & Puppets
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