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Lawrences Lintels Imperial War Museum

The replica lintels produced by Artem made a valuable addition to the exhibition. I was impressed by their level of craftsmanship and professional approach. Artem followed our brief well and installed the lintels efficiently, fitting in with our tight schedule.

Sarah Gilbert, Exhibition Project Manager, The Imperial War Museum

To mark the seventieth anniversary of the death of T E Lawrence, the Imperial War Museum opened a major exhibition charting the life of this extraordinary man from his early years through his wartime exploits in the Middle East, his post-war service career and writings.

The story is told through an amazing collection of letters, diaries, photographs, film, paintings and memorabilia that chronicle the author and diplomat's private life as well as his illustrious career. Known throughout the world as 'Lawrence of Arabia', he remains one of the most famous and enigmatic figures of the twentieth century.

The Museum approached Artem to recreate two Lintels carved by Lawrence at different stages of his life. The first of these hung over the door of his C-Shaped house in Carchemish. The lintels were carved in clay by Artems Head of Sculpture, Stan Mitchell, before being cast and finished in Crystacal plaster.

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