Artem Case Studies

Just Visiting Gaumont

'Artem created and produced a large array of masks and prosthetics on the film, as well as liquids work. The most striking results were achieved for the live adaptation of the Arcim Boldo paintings in the Banquet sequence.

It was great working in Artem's West London workshops with the designers and sculptors. I also appreciated the follow up on set during photography, as masks can be very tricky to handle. The Artem crew interacted very effectively and smoothly with the costume and make up departments on the production.'

Ivor Sekulic, VFX Supervisor - Just Visiting, Visual Factory UK

Le Visitors was originally shot in France and was spectacularly successful. Just Visiting was a remake for a wider audience.

Artem's experience in special effects make-up provided several key elements, notably a series of prosthetic masks in the style of Arcim Boldo, some of which were stages of a transformation sequence into grotesque apparitions. These were skilfully crafted to both resemble the actor from whom they had grown, whilst being apparently made entirely from fish, fruit or wood, for example.

Other elements from Artem's skill set in special effects for films included a crumbling Jean Reno, an animatronic snake and fish, multiple full body life-casts, and several marble figures, apparently frozen in time.

  • Film
  • Prosthetics
  • Sculpture
  • Special Costume
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