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Fiesta Ford

The car performed brilliantly and looked totally convincing. The bodywork reflected the harsh sunlight exactly as a full size car would have done and the wheels kicked up dust just like a real moon buggy.

Doug Foster, Director, Blink Productions

As part of Ford's campaign to launch its new Ford Fiesta, Artem were asked by Blink Productions to help make the car's dreams come true. The commercial, conceptualised by Ogilvy, was directed and produced by Blink Productions. It features a Ford Fiesta living out its dream - to be able to drive around the moon's surface as though it was a specially designed for the purpose.

Artem were fortunate enough to get ahold of the 3D data of the actual car from the manufacturers and enabled us to use our CNC machining techniques, allowing time to be freed up for fine sanding and detailing. The body was mounted onto a custom-built, radio-controlled chassis and World Champion Radio Controlled Car Racer - Phil Greeno - was brought in to get the best possible performance on the day.

The moonscape on which the car is put through its paces, measured 50 feet by 30 feet when installed into the studio. Its crater-ridden surface was carved from polystyrene and then finished and dressed using a variety of special effects techniques to match photographic reference from the real Moon as closely as possible. Artems mechanical engineers also constructed a flying rig to enable the car to perform some of its more adventurous stunts such as "cat jumping" and "180's" off the lip of a crater.

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