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Breather Doug Foster

Having worked with Artem on numerous commercial projects, Director Doug Foster knew where to turn when looking to realize his first stereoscopic film installation Breather.

To make this hybrid of film and sculpture a reality required a two-pronged approach. Firstly, we created an environment in which to film the action by constructing a steel-framed water tank with glass windows at the front.

We then we had to construct the 2200mm x 1200mm x 1200mm, one-tonne box of rusting steel-plate in which to present the 3D footage.

Doug recounts: This huge steel box had to be millimeter accurate and capable of being easily disassembled to allow installation in any art gallery. It was a complex undertaking, but the guys at Artem tackled it with enthusiasm and style.

The finished installation has two pairs of eye-ports to look through. The upper pair provides a view of the interior of the metal box, filled with undulating water up to chin level. Suddenly, a womans head breaks the surface. She looks tired and distressed. Air bubbles disrupt the water in front of her. She gasps one huge breath and plunges under the water again. If you follow her by moving down to the lower eye-ports, you discover the nature of her predicament.

The stereoscopic imagery is compelling and gives a real sense of a human presence inside the box. The effect is achieved with a combination of high-definition LCD screens and front-surface mirrors.

Doug explains: I made Breather as a visual poem/mantra. It is a self-contained, cyclical drama in a box. The invisible, cutting-edge technology that drives it creates an impression of reality not seen before in video art. This means that the viewer can experience a more intimate relationship with the work than would be possible on a television or cinema screen.

Breather will be touring the country as part of the Case Study exhibition. For details contact Doug on 01908 504490, 07764 853268 or .

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