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This commercial's script required a couple to kiss in a square as the seasons changed around them which Artems special effects team were happy to provide their atmospheric skills on.

The winter snow was created by using several different methods. Dampened paper snow was laid on the ground, which gives the most natural effect for interaction as well as allowing snowballs to be made and thrown! This was complemented by two types of falling snow - foam particles, blown out from machines set high up on cherry pickers, to fill the main area, and Snow candles to add high background fill.

A rainy Spring was simply created from static rain stands fed from convenient water hydrants. The level of rain was controlled by using different nozzles and varying the pressures. The important thing is to take care with the position of the stands in relation to the camera and the respective direction in which the nozzles point in relation to the lens. All rain must fall in parallel to be convincing.

Leaves had to be blown violently round to give the feeling of a blustery Autumn. To achieve this we used a petrol driven wind machine to blow dried leaves up into the air. The main obstacle here was sourcing leaves mid summer!

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