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Finding one shop that could carry the process straight through from making a mold of the actors hands, digitising the cast, motion capture and data mapping on to our rig was very important to us. This kind of work with hands is not very common so it was important that we felt comfortable with the problem solving abilities of the people who would do this for us. artemdigital answered all our questions and asked the right ones of us so going in to this we knew that we had the right people for the job. artemdigital anticipated our needs and worked with us to get quality data within a very tight schedule.

Jay Barton, Visual Effects Supervisor, Digital Domain

'Our future. It's in our hands' - the theme of one of the Government's biggest campaigns to date, aiming to inspire people and businesses to improve their skill levels. The advertising, developed by Leo Burnett, literally uses hands to communicate this message, through a variety of amazing images.

Los Angeles based Digital Domain were charged with bringing the ambitious ideas of RSA Director, Carl Erik Rinsch, to the screen. Producer, Chris Fieldhouse, approached us as they were looking for a company that could provide all the desired digital assets to assist them in animating these complex hand sequences.

Working with our sculpture team, we created a series of life casts of the hand actor in different key positions. These were then 3D scanned in at artemdigital. Simultaneously, we configured a special 360 degree hand capture volume using our Vicon motion capture system to record the unusually intricate hand movements of the very dexterous hand actor. The data was then mapped on a custom designed rig to provide the animation.

This was a challenging project that enabled us to use our unique blend of special effects software and skills to provide Digital Domain with what they needed to produce some truly magical animation.

The 'Train to Gain' commercial can be seen here.

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