Artem Case Studies

Frankenstein Diet Coke

The original brief called for a quick inflatable Frankenstein prop.

However the specifications kept changing due, because of copywrite issues.

In the end, with only 3 days to go, it was decided the only way to ensure a good result was to sculpt the character and manufacture it in soft foam! So...we began sculpting on the Friday evening and continued through the night until the 7 foot character had taken shape.

As the weekend progressed, we moulded, cast and began finishing our Frankenstein. At the same time, we were sourcing the necessary materials to finish the job, but when our essential foam was delivered it turned out to be a duff batch.

There was nothing we could do within our timescales (particularly as it was a weekend) so we desperately called round our competitors in an attempt to locate a drum.

Our efforts were rewarded, we continued and completed our monster on Monday morning. He was delivered to Heathrow by 12.00 for a flight to L.A.where he became part of a very well received advertising campaign.

The team who had been working on it then went to bed. They had only had 2 hours sleep in 3 days!

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