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Blackbeard Dangerous Films

Simon worked closely with me on the setting up of our drama filming special effects and our model filming on location in Malta. Very professional and crucially for us on top of health and safety policies for the pyrotechnics etc. I look forward to working with him again.

Tim Goodchild, Producer/Production Designer, Dangerous Films

BBC Ones drama documentary Blackbeard catalogues the final years of the worlds most notorious pirate. Early accounts claim that his beard almost covered his face and that he would weave wicks laced with gunpowder into his hair, and light them during battle to strike terror into the hearts of his victims.

The 2 part Dangerous Films production, directed by Richard Dale and Tilman Remme, featuring James Purefoy, painstakingly pieces together information from a wide variety of sources to visually resurrect this historic period for a television audience.

Artem SFX Designer /Supervisor, Simon Tayler comments:

When Producer/Designer, Tim Goodchild approached me with a script for their drama/doc production of Blackbeard it was clear that there was a fascinating range of effects, from cannon firing and explosions on and below deck to burning fuses in Blackbeards hat and atmospherics. We had a tight 4 week schedule for the principle photography plus 5 days model shoot all in and around the MFS tank in Malta. The whole production had more of the feeling of a movie shoot rather than a TV documentary.

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