Artem Case Studies

Nurofen Crooks Healthcare

'Artem did a grand job, building a wonderful set and puppet with well considered armature that enabled us to animate the character with ease.'

Maria Manton, Managing Director, Slinky Pictures

Artem's creative designers worked with Slinky Pictures to create a stop frame opera singer. The stop frame sequence combines with live action (produced by Infinity Productions) and two 2D animation (also by Slinky Pictures) for Nurofen's campaign.

The sequence compares the noise magnification experienced during a severe headache to that of a shrieking opera singer performing inside the sufferers head.

Artem's skilled special effects technicians built a wonderfully grotesque stop frame opera singer puppet complete with jewellery and lipstick on her teeth - who exercises her tonsils to their full capacity on a stylised model theatre stage.

Artem Supervisor, Bob Thorne said: 'This project was great fun to work on as the scenario and character provided us with quite a lot of artistic license.'

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