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Wugga Wugga Bird Churchill Insurance

'We have worked for many years with Artem. Knowing that they have built giant moose heads, animatronic snowmen, giant tortoises and the Parthenon, we were sure that a Wugga Wugga bird would be no problem for their talented sculptors and designers.'

Jane Gershfield, Producer, Big Bang Productions

Artem has a long-standing relationship with Churchill, having developed the original nodding bulldog with production company Big Bang back in 1995 and maintained him ever since; you can read more about Churchill and his animatronics here.

In the commercial, Churchill admits that he can't save us any pie, or the Wugga Wugga bird from extinction, but can save us money on our car insurance.

Artem was approached to bring temporary life to the fictional Wugga Wugga bird in order that he could die dramatically on cue. Having never existed, Artem had to work closely with Big Bang to develop the look of the bird.

In the end, the Wugga Wugga bird was realised as an animatronic puppet with head, neck and beak movement, as well as flapping wings and rodded legs - the rods being subsequently removed in post-production. As the bird is fictional, exotic feather colour schemes were envisaged for the client to choose from and the desired effect was created by dying and airbrushing all manner of feathers, including bleached turkey and ostrich feathers!

You can view the commercial here.

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