Artem Case Studies

Churchill the dog Churchill Insurance

The famous Churchill Insurance Bulldog was sculpted and produced by Artem. The original brief was to produce an amusing animatronic version of the company's bulldog logo.

After initial 2D drawings to gain the client's approval of the character and look of the dog, the process moved on to a 3D sculpture. The dog was first of all sculpted in wax before its body could be produced in foam, latex and fibreglass. Finally, the model was flocked to give it the realistic, nodding dog look.

The moving head, eyes, mouth and ears were produced as a mechanical skeleton which then fitted into the body and the finished animatronic was then controlled by wires and cables.

Artem has gone on to make several versions of the Churchill dog, including his props, from hats, cars, fake food and hanging spoons off his nose!

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