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E4 Mootant Channel 4

Thank you all so much for bringing the Mootant and Edinburgh to life. We really appreciate your hard work. You exceeded our expectations by far. The trails enjoyed a marvellous reception from our Marketing people - everyone's is tremendously impressed with Artem's work in turning this around in 8 days!"

Selena Cunningham, Producer, Channel 4 Creative Services

E4 wanted to create a Mootant to promote their coverage of their Edinburgh Fringe Comedy Festival venue Underbelly hosted by Russell Brand. They envisioned Edinburghs famous High Street being ransacked by the E4 Mootant until heroically halted by Brand.

Artems creative team had just eight days to build a miniature model of Edinburgh High Street, including its famous Castle, as well as the Mootant costume complete with red glowing eyes! With such a tight deadline Artems fabricators and model makers had to work fast whilst retaining sight of the objective to create a humorous, cartoony world that remained recognisable as Edinburgh.

The Mootant featured in a pre-festival teaser, competition trails (running for the duration of the E4 coverage) and a special 40 second dancing version - shown between acts at the actual Udderbelly venue in Edinburgh.

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