Artem Case Studies

360 Degrees Canadian Tyre

The Directors vision called for an "impossible shot where the camera traveled 360 round and over a car, which is travelling along a road and then being worked on in a garage - all in one shot!

We designed a rig, which we won an MTV award in U2's music video, that could either be used static in the studio, or mounted on a camera vehicle for outdoor use. In the later case, the car being filmed was attached to the camera tracking vehicle to ensure its position in relation to the camera. The camera was mounted on the end of an arm built from tubular aluminium, carefully designed to be ridged even when the weight changed during the rotation.

The key was to make it lightweight enough to control and stop easily, but strong and ridged enough to withstand the force during filming. The whole thing was hand controlled for simplicity and reliability.

  • Commercials
  • Camera Rigs
  • Mechanical Rigs
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