Artem Case Studies

Chocolate Factory Cadbury

Artem proved to be the perfect partner for this project and transformed our conceptual visuals and development drawings into a beautiful piece of in-store theatre.

Jonathan Penton, Creative Director, Green Room Retail

Green Room Retail Ltd. was commissioned by Cadbury to enhance its UK retail factory outlet environments. They came up with a design for a three metre high 'chocolate factory' and approached Artem's creative designers to help them turn their idea into a physical reality.

Crafted in Artem's West London workshop, the miniature factory depicts different stages of the chocolate making process. We follow a humble cocoa bean on his journey through grinding, mixing and moulding until he emerges wrapped and ready for the shops.

Using real chocolate was out of the question, as it would melt. Therefore, Artem had to use special resin to produce replica models of cocoa beans, cocoa crumb and finished chocolate bars to emulate the different stages of production.

The miniature factories themselves had to be highly durable, as they have to work 364 days a year. They are finished in high quality metals, including specially modified copper rivets that copy the look of the real factory machines.

  • Visitor Attractions & Museums
  • Confectionery & Food
  • Mechanical Rigs
  • Models & Miniatures
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