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Vodafone Blink Productions

Artem built a range of fantastic rigs to make the tables look like they were fighting. These involved wires, wheels, springs and quad-bikes. It was great doing so many of the effects for real, because we could see just how the fight was going to look. It was also quite satisfying to see how violently we could make the tables hit each other. Artem did a great job - especially considering they were continually being blasted by their colleagues with fake snow and wind machines.

Dougal Wilson, Director, Blink Productions

Blink Productions approached Artem to help them realise the ambitious in-camera special effects envisioned by Director, Dougal Wilson, for Vodafone's latest spot, Work & Play - conceptualised by BBH.

This spot features two angry, four-legged beasts who size each other up and then attack each other like rutting stags - wrestling on the ground with their limbs flailing violently. But these four-legged creatures are not beasts; they are an office desk, complete with computer and angle-poise lamp, and a table football game representing the conflict between work and play.

Artem had to work closely with Director, Dougal Wilson, to dissect the complex fight sequence and construct models and rigs that would be able to perform the specific moves required.

A team of engineers and modelmakers worked together to design and construct the tables as well as numerous mechanical rigs to execute the different moves required on demand. Originally, the shoot was to be on location, so portability was another consideration during the build. Eventually, the shoot re-located to Black Island Studios, where Artem also provided the atmospherics of frost and snow effects to transform the set into a frozen alpine landscape on their biggest stage.

Artem SFX Supervisor, Simon Tayler said: 'Early discussions centred around what could and could not be achieved in camera. I felt confident that we could do most of it with models and rigs and in the end that's the route that was taken. We worked closely with MPC who did all the post-production and shot a test to see what a galloping desk would look like. This was a challenging undertaking, but the kind of thing we thrive on. It was fantastic that Dougal wanted to capture so much of the action in camera.'

The commercial ends as work and play resolve their differences with the help of Vodafone technology and the tagline: 'Make the Most of Now'.

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