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Sony HD Blink Productions

'It was a fantastic feeling walking onto set on the first day and seeing everything built and put together. Pleix and Artem didn't seem to think anything was impossible when approaching the idea of creating something so complex and beautiful. The four-day shoot was an amazing experience as everything seemed to work just as it was supposed to and looked even better than I think we had dared to hope!'

James Bretton, Producer, Fallon

Directing team Pleix, represented by Blink, approached Artem with a beautiful treatment for Sony HD that envisaged the creation of a glorious Technicolor car wash environment, with a car containing a dog in the thick of it. 

To realise this ambitious idea by advertising agency Fallon, Artem had to very carefully cut a beautiful vintage Mustang in half and create a bespoke track for it to move through the car wash environment in studio. This was no mean feat and took painstaking accuracy. Numerous people winced when they saw what we were doing to such an incredible vehicle!

To create the Technicolor environment, we built curved light walls with an array of different coloured fluorescent tubes that could be switched on in the sequence as desired by the directors.

The car wash elements were all individually designed and our team came up with several creative solutions. Sponges dropped from the roof, a specially built car wash brush rotated, coloured water was jetted in down a huge water chute and foam was poured through a specially designed head. The creative effect was completed by two robot arms that were programmed to create huge, light-catching bubbles on either side of the vehicle on demand.

The finished effect was indeed the most beautiful car wash ever filmed.

  • Commercials
  • Atmospherics
  • Electronic Design
  • Liquids
  • Mechanical Rigs
  • Floor Effects
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