Artem Case Studies

Face Off BBC Digital

Artem helped alter the appearance of BBC household names to promote their BBC Digital channels. Thanks to latex masks, special effects makeup and clever post production techniques famous names as diverse as Foreign Affairs Editor John Simpson, Breakfast News presenter, Sophie Raworth, June Brown (Eastenders Dot Cotton), Phil Jupitus and Richard Blackwood each appeared to merge into one another, symbolising the range of choice delivered by the BBCs new services.

Artem played a key role in the promo, taking a life cast of each face in order to produce the latex masks used in the final shoot. The job was complex, not only because of the extremely tight time frame involved less than a week to complete all the masks - but also because the mask had to be glued onto the face in a way that enabled it to peel off quickly without taking the skin off!

For the life cast we used a seaweed based compound that felt pretty much like having a facial. For filming the real challenge was to rapidly deliver a solution that worked within the tight time frame, but that would also allow post production the maximum flexibility to make the whole thing look good on screen.

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