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Light Fantastic BBC Broadcast

We couldn't actually see the trails of light when the photos were being taken, but the cameras were set on long exposure and to our delight they turned up in the photos.

Kevin Hill, Design Director, BBC Broadcast

Artem was approached by BBC Broadcast to help them create a sequence to promote Light Fantastic, BBC Four's new factual series exploring the phenomenon that surrounds and affects nearly every aspect of our lives, but which we take for granted - light.

To create a distinctive look for the trail, our creative team of special effects artists decided to employ Time-Slice photography techniques, utilising 12 cameras in a 40 degree arch, to capture trails of light.

'We wanted to do something truly innovative to promote Light Fantastic and the opportunity to work with the creator of Time-Slice, Tim MacMillan, was an effective way to create a unique look that would attract viewers to BBC Four and the series,' said Charlie Mawer, Executive Creative Director, BBC Broadcast.

Simon Tayler, SFX Designer/Supervisor at Artem commented: 'The brief was an invitation to assemble a number of interesting things and experiment with them. Director Kevin Hill wanted to create a montage of images and textures, which would convey a sense of scientific and technological endeavour in a beautiful and intriguing fashion.'

We designed and built a device, best described as a 360 degree universal pendulum, which could move different light sources around in a spherical orbit. The camera shutters were left open and strange, 3 dimensional objects made from light were created in camera. A multitude of light sources were tested, but in the end we used LEDs, Christmas tree lights, light bulbs and sparklers and the results were beautiful.

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