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Sky Premier B Sky B

Our brief was to create a modern, yet classic rendition of an iconic female figure 'flying through a series of cinema screens to become the new identity for Sky Premier. The Sky Movies team presented a detailed storyboard and a CG previsualisation to our creative designers at Artem. Initially, they were considering creating the entire sequence as CG, but wanted to shoot it for real if at all possible.

We persuaded our client that we could create the 'flying lady' by cladding a female with prosthetic foam pieces. An added complication was that the lady had to literally be suspended to enable the motion control camera to move 270deg around her body.

To get round this, our special effects technicians had to cast a very slim model so that a flying harness could be accommodated beneath the prosthetic, without it becoming bulky and inelegant. Our chosen model was then lifecast and once we had made her body positive, we modelled the finished shape and undertook design development, liasing with our client as work progressed. In addition to the harness we made a special rig to stabilise the model's legs and body preventing any unwanted movement.

The finished prosthetic comprised many separate pieces which entailed a lenghy, and somewhat ardous, application process. Once applied, the whole body was sprayed with silver make-up and adorned with a specially commissioned ankle length wig,

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