Artem Case Studies

Waterworld Summer Spectacular Alton Towers

The Tussauds Group approached Artem to put the special effects into their Waterworld Themed Summer Spectacular show.

The battle for the Island Fortress took place every evening for three weeks, during which Artem injected life into the action with pyrotechnics, explosions and smoke.

The lake was rigged with underwater air-mortars to simulate bomb explosions in the water and, just in case the spectators thought they were safe, large petrol-driven explosions detonated in front of and behind the crowd.

In addition, enhancements were made to all the terrain/aquatic vehicles driven by the Royal Marines display team in the show. Specially built flame-throwers turned them into quite fearsome and spectacular war machines.

  • Visitor Attractions & Museums
  • Atmospherics
  • Pyrotechnics & Fire
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