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Action Stations AIVAF

The gallery is already a great success with over 4,000 visitors in the first couple of days. Interaction was a long time in the planning and it is wonderful to now see all the hard work from such a great team, come to fruition.

Bruce Davies, Director, AIVAF

Artem were approached by AIVAF to create a range of exhibits as part of their interactive package for INTERACTION a new gallery within Action Stations at Portsmouth Naval Base.

Action Stations aims to educate the general public about life in the modern Navy through the use of hands-on interactive exhibits, films and simulators.

Artem built seven of the 40 new exhibits that make up the new gallery:

Changing Tides: Demonstrating tidal effect on land water coverage.

Dynamic Oceans: Displaying how an area of built-up Portsmouth coastline would be affected by rising water levels (over 4000 years) caused by climatic and geological change.

Laser Sound Waves: Visitors explore the properties of laser light using a series of rotating mirrors and prisms.

Laser Model: A model using a sequence of neon and LED displays to explain how a laser works.

Propeller Race: Two similar exhibits demonstrate how different shaped propellers vary in efficiency.

High Propeller: A Hand cranked interactive that illustrates how a propeller provides lift and how much energy is required to get it moving.

Cartesian Diver: Change in water pressure raises or lowers the submarine. Visitors attempt to line the submarine with changing vertical LED displays.

Doug Hedges, Artem Exhibition Co-ordinator, commented:

This was an interesting project to work both visually and as an engineering project to create Interactives to demonstrate specific scientific phenomena, to be aesthetically pleasing and capable of withstanding the vigorous use by children and their competitive dads.

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