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Artem is quite a big "Small Business". By this I mean we employ thirty full time staff in our London workshop, and, three full time staff in our Glasgow Workshop.

Not in any paticular order this breaks down as:

7 x SFX Designers / Supervisors.

2  x  CADCAM Designers. 

1  x 3D/4D CADCAM Designer.

2 x Hire and sales guys.

3 x  Senior Technicians

6 x  Technicians

1 x Electronics Technician.

1 x  Enginering Supervisor.

1 x  Mould Shop Supervisor.

1 x Workshop Manager

1 x Driver.

1 x Buyer.

1 x Production Co-ordinator.

1 x Business Manager

4 x Finance, Reception, Sales and Marketing.

We have previously introduced new staff to you which got some great feedback, so, I'm going to start on the rest of us.

I'm going to ask all our staff eight questions. I think it will be a great way for people to find out more about us and what we bring to this wonderful company - So watch this space...