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Into Film Visit

Couple of months ago we had Into Film come into our London office. Blessina was the lucky young reporter to learn about Wind, Snow, Smoke, and Rain 

Into Film help youngsters experience different aspects of the film industry check out their website for more details and how they help budding film enthusiasts:  



In the Heart of the Sea

Came out on DVD on May 2nd – this epic tale of Man v Whale featured our 18m model whale. You can read about how we created this amazing creature here: In the Heart of the Sea 




We have uploaded a couple of behind the scenes interviews/footage from the film Macbeth these were featured on the DVD which was released in February.

Approaching a Project like Macbeth

Day One of Macbeth

What Weather?

Core Components   



KFC Take 5 Commercial

Artem made 9 costumes for the latest KFC Take 5 Ad read how we made these here KFC Costumes – watch the ad The KFC Take 5 Box  


Fireball Penalties 

Read how we helped with the shoot here: Fireball Penalties - Watch the epic penalty shootout Vuj vs Fire! | Fireball Penalties  



Check back soon to see what other exciting projects we've been working on