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With Valentine’s weekend just over, I couldn’t help but think that it would be nice to receive an extravagant gift from a mystery admirer – and a beautifully decorated, brand new car, for example, would do just the trick…

This time last year, we were involved in a job that demonstrated the diversity of skills at our fingertips here at Artem. From atmospherics and animatronics to props and prosthetics – this particular job shows that we can also... wrap up cars in cellophane!

Car Wrapping

And if this isn’t pretty enough, who could forget the twinkling estate car which we decorated with 12,000 LED berry lights for Asda’s 2015 Christmas commercial?

LED lights on car for Asda

Alas, no prettified car gifts for me this year.

But wrapping things up can have purposes other than just to prettify a gift – recently, we were asked to wrap a full-size bus in an evidence bag to help promote the latest series of Hinterland, a BBC Wales crime drama.

Bus in an Evidence Bag

A bus is the crime scene of the first episode of this series of Hinterland, and it was on this that the PR stunt was based. Overnight, we fitted a giant, plastic evidence bag over the same bus that was used during production. By 7am the following morning, intrigued early shoppers were out on the streets, already taking snaps of the bus and generating excitement about the new series of the TV show.

As our Supervisor Ritchie Beacham-Paterson so succinctly puts it (after 2.5 hours sleep before the overnight install):  'We were approached by the BBC to publicise the new series of Hinterland and they wanted a bus in an evidence bag, so we gave them a bus in an evidence bag...'

Find the full interview and the reactions of passers-by in this BBC Online Video.

Bus in Evidence Bag Hinterland

Of course, being a physical effects company, when we’re not wrapping vehicles in cellophane or giant evidence bags, we’re generally blowing them up.

The other weekend, we blew up a double decker bus in central London for a film for which we're currently providing a vast amount of effects, including plenty of epic explosions. I will, of course, be revealing more about this in due course, but for now I’ll leave you with this image of the car we blew up at last year’s Open Day. (The car belonged to our Senior Technician, Matt Loader… and what can I say- this is what you get for sending smug poolside pics to the office when you're on holiday…!)

Car Explosion Pyrotechnics

From Doomsday to Hot Fuzz, we have shown that we are skilled pyrotechnicians, but we are also capable of building vehicles from scratch, as demonstrated by the incredible Octobus we built for the London Olympics. Decorating, detonating, designing and constructing... when it comes to our work with vehicles, the list goes on. We're happy to help with any of the above - or indeed with a brand new challenge!