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Sinking in sand or sinking in snow – just another day in the office for The Artem Crew.

Almost a year ago to the day  Artem technician Matt Beckwith was in the desert just working on “Ramez – Underground” - the latest episode of  a series of celebrity prank shows hosted by Egyptian actor and director Ramez Galal.                                                    Artem Crew standing on top of four wheel drive in the desert while ,filming Ramez - Underground

We had constructed a massive scissor lift to submerge a four wheel drive in “quicksand” for the show and the unsuspecting passengers. Filmed in the United Arab Emirates the average temperatures was 48° C for the five weeks of prep and filming. You can read about the job here.

Let’s fast forward a year ( Last week) to Bamburgh, Northumberland  and Matt’s experiencing -5° C with a wind-chill of -15°C as our team brave The Beast From the East while filming some sequences for Season 3 of Netflix’s  “Frontier”.                                    Matt beckwith stuck in snow

Not the nicest weather to be having a battle on a  beach, but  the sequences were completed, the production was very happy with the results and Matt’s back in the workshop where at least it’s warm and dry and working hard getting his next job ready for filming.