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On a very cold and misty Thursday Morning, Toby and I arrived at Artem HQ to set off to the depths of East London armed with some pyro and a few bits and ‘gory’ pieces for our Artem SFX Lounge space at the Promax 2016 Conference 

We arrived at the venue Here East  which is located in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

The Artem SFX Lounge space that we had been given was huge and fully fitted with stylish rocking chairs and a table perfect for our gory heads and limbs to sit on. 

After the morning rush of coffee and the conference fully on the way, it was time to start setting up the pyrotechnic demo. We ventured onto the cold roof terrace and started to set up, filling up the breakaway bottle with water for smashing over a lucky volunteer’s head, a water bag exploding along with a grapefruit, and a rather massive fireball to end the display. 

The demo was happening during the delegate’s lunch break, we knew it was nearly time to start when the smell of mini burgers filled the air! Yum!

Out came Jake Humphrey the BT Sports Presenter who was interviewing our CEO Mike Kelt on the ins and outs of Artem while we showed off our impressive pyrotechnics. 

During the demo Jason from Love High Speed was filming us on his Phantom Flex 4K camera which was then played back on the monitors for the audience to see. 


For the full schedule and for more information on Promax check out their website:

Venue: Here East: