Production Guild Awards 2018 – A Wonderful Journey From Planning To Presentation. Production – Step 2: Waterjet Cutting.‹ Back to News


Before cutting 

This is perhaps the most crucial step to making the giving the awards their highly iconic “look”. Ken carefully marks out the position of the letters on the masking tape he applied in the previous step and drills small pilot holes so that the waterjet cutting process will not distort the pieces. We use local specialised businesses wherever possible when we have processes that we cannot manage internally and the precision water jet cutting was carried out by CWC in Ickenham, London. Ken delivered the five pieces to CWC with the digital files and collected them two days later. CWC have done a marvellous job – the cutting is fantastic and hardly any clean-up is required. The next step for Ken is to drill and tap holes in the bases to hold the awards during the anodising process and then he carefully sands the pieces again and washes them in a cleaning solution before completely wrapping them up in black plastic cellophane and more masking tape to stop any fingerprints, damage or unwanted oxidisation occurring prior to anodising.

After cutting