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From providing atmospherics to giant models and, of course, the odd massive explosion, we’re always delighted to provide SFX and bespoke props for film projects. This week, I thought I would share with you some more of our movie-related news. 

This time last year, we were excited to see our amazing Santa’s sleigh – described by Art Director Matt Gray as ‘the star attraction on the film’ – on the big screen in the Christmas film, Get Santa, about a father and son who team up to save Christmas after finding Santa asleep in their garage.

Get Santa sleigh

This year’s Christmas films, however – at least the ones we have been involved in – might not seem so obviously in keeping with the Christmas spirit.

Last week’s blog focused on the beautiful Sunset Song, which, described as ‘Devastating and beautiful’ by the Scotsman, does not exactly fall into the light-hearted, fun and festive category of film, but is nonetheless well worth a watch this Christmas for its stunning photography, fantastic acting, and (as if I could forget to mention) its top-quality, Artem-made SFX, including violent rainstorms, snow and fire effects.

Sunset SongRain effects on location for Sunset Song

Of course, before we get to see our work in any finished films, we have a lot of hard work to do, from providing our free script breakdown service, to devising and testing out our effects in our workshop and backlot, to finally delivering the best possible results during the shoot itself.

This is the stage we’re at on our latest film project, The Foreigner, starring Jackie Chan, which has recently moved into production, shooting around London locations. There have been a lot of loud bangs reverberating around our backlot recently - all in preparation for some pretty impressive pyro effects we're providing for the film.  I don’t know what this guy’s role was in it all, but I can’t help but assume that he met a rather nasty end…

Pyro testsNaturally, it is often a long time before we get to see our work on the big screen, so by the time the film comes out in the cinema, we are often somewhat overwhelmed by excitement.  Which leads me to my next exciting piece of news: After a tantalising wait to see our giant whale in Ron Howard's In the Heart of the Sea, the film will finally be out in UK cinemas on Boxing Day. It’s going to take quite a lot of self-control not to stand up and cheer every time we see our whale in action.  

If you can't wait until then, see if you can spot our whale in this trailer for the film, but rest assured that I’ll be filling you in with all the juicy details as soon as the film comes out.

In the Heart of the SeaSeeing In the Heart of the Sea will be a great way to round off a brilliant year of film making and film watching – from shooting for Hunter’s Prayer and the remake of Whiskey Galore, to seeing Justin Kurzel’s incredible version of Macbeth, as well as smaller projects such as The Bad Education Movie. Here’s hoping for another fantastic, film-filled year for 2016!