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What with the excitement of Justin Kurzel's Macbeth coming out at beginning of October (for which, as I'm sure you know by now, we provided huge swathes of mist and an assortment of gory prosthetics), I have perhaps failed to keep you in the loop of the smaller, but nonetheless, impressive jobs we've been working away on. My apologies - but all will be fixed in today's blog! 

One thing seems to be linking the projects I'm about to tell you about - and that is... well, sillyness!

First off, you might have already seen The Bad Education Movie recently, but if not, you can still spot our swan puppets getting somewhat up close and personal to Jack Whitehall in the film's trailer.

As you can see from this delightful picture of Adam Sawatzki, one of our technicians, we had fun carrying out testing before attending the shoot.

Adam with swan puppet

The film's Art Director, Thorin Thompson, said of working with Artem: 'Working within budget and in a limited timeframe Artem created 2 fantastic swan puppets for one of the film’s most prominent scenes - a detailed head and neck rig and a whole articulated dummy bird. Their research and development was good and communication was clear. On set the Artem team was consistently professional, efficient and responsive. They modified the puppet to match the live swan's colouring very well. They also puppeteered the swan with character. They were a pleasure to work with throughout the project.'

You can read more about this project here.

Slightly more innocent humour comes in the form of the latest Walkers ad. Our friends at Weilands described us as as 'efficient, reliable and professional', and praised us for producing an 'exceptional outcome every time' we work with them. 

Agadoo fruit costumes Walkers ad

We love working with Weilands on the Walkers commercials too.  I had a chat with Simon Tayler, SFX Supervisor on the job, who said: ‘We’ve done quite a few of the Walkers commercials now and they are always fun as they are light hearted and usually involve interesting work for us, this one particularly so. Besides, who wouldn’t want to 'take out' Black Lace with a wrecking ball?!'

Hmm... perhaps this job wasn't quite so innocent after all...

Then there's the new online campaign for Tango, which attracted funny looks my way when I got the giggles watching the videos in the office. We created the five ‘Tang Enhancer’ props for the campaign... no, I didn't understand what this meant before either, but you can read all about them here, and watch them all in action in this video

Tango Enhancer Props

I'm running out of space and I haven't even mentioned our work on The Legend of Barney Thomson! And - most topical of all - the rubber masks we made for this new Lucozade ad, which you can read about here. (Here's hoping the opposition don't steal our secret weapon before the rugby match tonight!)

I hope this update might have brought a smile to your face - but don't get too comfortable... Macbeth is out in just a couple of weeks, and trust me - there are fewer films more miserable! Have a happy weekend!