KUKA Robot Arm - New Manufacturing Techniques at Artem

Fast, Accurate and Cost Effective

To our arsenal of equipment, Artem has recently added a large 7 axis robot which can machine 3 dimensional objects with an accuracy of 0.2mm.  This allows intricate shapes to be realised in a fraction of the time it would take to hand carve or assemble an object, but more importantly allows precision and repeatability.  We can machine various densities of polystyrene and polyurethane foam and take these raw patterns through moulding and finishing processes to produce high quality, high finish pieces where required.

Kuka robot arm

 With this addition, it allows us to work from almost any start point, whichever is most suitable for the job in hand.  A client could send us a digital file of an object and it then simply be machined, or we can draw up the object in the computer.  Alternatively, when asked by a client to create a whale, Stan Mitchell, our lead sculptor, modelled the mammal in clay at 1m long for approval. This was then scanned in-house and output to the computer where it was cleaned up and scaled to the correct size.  The output from this process was then taken to the Robot’s control software and tool paths were generated.