Collaborative, Flexible, Creative, Comprehensive

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Our Approach:


At Artem we believe in close, consultative relationships with our clients. From the outset you will have a dedicated designer allocated to you for the duration of your project. We will keep you informed of progress at every stage and gain all necessary approvals. We will listen carefully and then use our knowledge, experience and resources to advise and guide you to a great result.


Our multidisciplinary approach allows us to find solutions in a creative and innovative ways. Artem’s experienced project supervisors will talk you through your desired on-set effects and/or workshop builds and explore different ways of achieving these that meet your deadline and budget. We understand that requirements can sometimes change as work progresses and we’ll always be open to incorporating new ideas.


Our team brings a range of skills and a creative, design-led approach to your project. By applying our creative problem-solving approach to your ideas, we help you to realise your concept in a timely and cost effective manner. Our approach to workshop makes includes both modern and traditional tools and skills - from computerised design and manufacture to hands-on sculpting or welding, all provided on the same site for maximum convenience and availability.


The combination of a highly-skilled workforce, custom-built facilities - co-located with testing space - and decades of experience enables Artem to offer a complete service to customers. The vast majority of our production is in-house, promoting smooth progress of your project from concept and design to completion, installation and attendance on set if required.


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