Frequently Asked Questions

When and how was Artem established?

Artem was founded by 3 former BBC employees: Mike Kelt, Simon Taylor and Stan Mitchell. In January 1988, they set up their own offices and workshops in Perivale, West London, and have since opened a Scottish branch in Glasgow.

What disciplines does Artem specialise in?

It has always been Artem’s policy to provide a ‘one-stop shop’ for clients; our wide range of in-house skills allows us to realise pretty much any concept.

We particularly specialise in:

  • Animation
  • Animatronics and Puppets
  • Atmospherics
  • Confectionery and food
  • Liquids
  • Mechanical Rigs
  • Models
  • Miniatures
  • Props
  • Prosthetics
  • Pyrotechnics
  • Sculpture
  • Special Costume

We embrace challenges of all kinds, and it is our love of problem-solving that motivates us.

What are Artem’s facilities?

Our workshops house a wide range of services and equipment, including:

  • Modelling and sculpture studio
  • Mould shop
  • Spray booth
  • Metal fabrication and welding
  • Machine shop
  • Electronics and software engineering
  • CAD design and multi-axis CNC machining facilities

You can find out more about our onsite facilities here.

Do you have any on-site space suitable for filming?

Yes. We frequently offer out our spacious backlot for shoots, such as for commercials, music videos and elements shoots. This space is also ideal for our in-house tests.

How long does it take to turn over a job?

We encourage clients to give us as much notice as possible for any given project, especially as this gives us the opportunity to consider various options and to carry out plenty of testing. However, we pride ourselves on the ability to meet tight deadlines, and we have been known to produce a singing toilet within a turnaround of 48 hours!

How much are my project requirements likely to cost?

Naturally, the cost of a project is completely dependent on your requirements.  However, we offer script breakdowns and cost estimates free of charge, and are always happy to discuss various options and to try and meet your budget requirements. For guidelines on equipment hire and sales, visit the Hire and Sales section of our website.

Does Artem offer work experience?

Yes.  We are always looking to the future and to encourage youth.  We work closely with a number of universities and colleges and provide them with secondments and work experience.

For more information about getting into a career in special effects, click here.

Do you have any Open Evenings or visits?

Yes. We normally have one opening evening per year, usually in the early summer when the weather is a bit warmer. We invite you to come along, have a look round our workshop and facilities, chat to the staff, and enjoy a burger and a drink while networking with colleagues in the industry.

The demonstration might include: blowing up a car, using high speed photography to examine pyrotechnic effects, the annual ‘getting shot’ competition (requiring brave volunteers!), a demonstration of weather effects, application of some horrible wounds and prosthetics, and, for a lucky few, the opportunity to go home with your own face cast.

Does Artem offer design as well as manufacturing?

Yes. We are happy to discuss projects with clients at any stage of development; we are able to realise a fully resolved design to meet a client’s specifications, but are equally happy to assist with concept development and design.

We enjoy the creative challenge of designing characters or concepts from scratch, and where this is a useful service for clients, we are able to keep clients fully informed every step of the way, by providing fully drawn up, detailed renders using our 3D software packages; this also enables us to make adjustments to our designs as necessary before the manufacturing process even begins.