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Creative Review:  Why Analogue Special Effects Are Thriving  
Access All Areas: Ice Trains and Steampunk Bars - Artem's Top Ten Props  
Broadcast Pro (Mid East): Behind the Scenes of 'Ramez in the Waterfall' (Gorilla Suit)   
RedShark news: The Big Secret to Engagin SFX...   
 Access All Areas: Artem SFX creates Steam Train and Ice Tricycle for Holiday on Ice  
Access All Areas: Giving the Industry its Props INTERVIEWS:
Daily Star: Behind the scenes at Artem - Bodyguard SFX UK Screen Spotlight - Mike Kelt  Pioneers of Practical FX
iNews: Secrets behind the Keeley Hawes 'Bodyguard' blast B'cast Film & Video, Ritchie Beacham Paterson  Atmospherics
Broadcast Tech: Creating Magic for TV and Film - Artem Open Evening Live for Film - Emily Pooley: Horror Films and Blood 
Access All Areas: Artem SFX constructs Mini obstacle course for Countryfile Live  4rvf - Toby Stewart: The Future of Special Effects 
The Fan Carpet: Artem - The Ultimate Cannes-do SFX Company Televisual - Mike Kelt, SFX: Keeping it real
Live for Film: Solis World Premier - The challenges for Artem Live for Films talks to Mike Kelt - Artem CEO
Drama Quarterly: Special delivery (Secrets of the SFX trade) Mike Kelt talks Paddington 2 
Broadcast Now: Creative Review - Artem builds Grandpa's coffin for BBC Mike Kelt talks Special Effects
Creative Tech News: In The Heart of The Sea My first Job in Film: Archie Bones - Hire and Sales
Broadcast Now: I survived a Zombie Apocolypse Time Out: Become a Special Effects Technician
Little White Lies: Artem pays tribute to HR Giger  
The Guardian: Zoe Williams visits Artem  
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Little Black Book: Simon and Mike talk Artem  
ET Now: Artem bring toys to life  
i News: The secrets of a horror movie effects maker  
The Stage: Artem makes props and effects have the WOW factor   
BBC News: How to blow up a car (in the movies)   
Tech Radar: How The Cyrstal Maze was built for a new generation.  
CNN: The Dark Art of Fake Blood  
Daily Mail: The company who made "Take That"  fly