Creative Effects and Innovative Solutions

About Artem

With over three decades of experience producing effects, props and sets for film and TV, our extensive portfolio has also seen us work in live events, exhibitions and visitor attractions. Our creative problem-solving enables us to bring our clients’ ideas to life.

Our permanent staff are complemented by up to 100 freelance technicians, as required, enabling us to tackle projects of any scale.  We have specialists in a number of disciplines, including pyrotechnics, floor effects, prosthetics, animatronics and puppets, special costume, high-end model making, mechanical rigs and liquids.

We are always happy to discuss projects with clients at any stage of development, assisting with concept development and design where necessary, or realising a fully resolved design to meet a client’s specifications. We also provide script breakdowns and cost estimates free of charge.

With workshops in West London and in Glasgow, our approach includes both modern and traditional tools and skills - from computerised design and manufacture to hands-on sculpting, all provided on the same site for maximum convenience and availability.

Whatever your vision, no matter how big or small, we can bring it to life.

Our Approach

At Artem we believe in close, consultative relationships with our clients. From the outset you will have a dedicated designer allocated to you for the duration of your project. We will keep you informed of progress at every stage and gain all necessary approvals. We will listen carefully and then use our knowledge, experience and resources to advise and guide you to a great result.


Our multidisciplinary approach allows us to find solutions in a creative and innovative way. We recognise the need to adopt a flexible way of working as there are always different ways of approaching a brief. We will always discuss the relevant pros and cons of each route in order to ensure the most appropriate method is employed. However, we understand that requirements sometimes change as work progresses and that constant dialogue helps incorporate them as we go along.


We tackle each brief with a design-led, creative approach. Whilst the visual qualities of our work are paramount, we back this up with sound engineering and construction practices. Our designers come from a range of disciplines as diverse as architecture, interior design, sculpture, graphic design, illustration and engineering, facilitating the cross-fertilisation of ideas that is fundamental in producing work of the highest quality.

Complete Service

The various, complementary activities and disciplines within Artem enable us to offer a 'complete service'. With few exceptions, our production is fully 'in-house'. The main way in which this benefits the client is through idea sharing and continuity of design - elements are guaranteed to work together. It is also easier to administer and progress can be monitored in one workshop.